Let's Hang

The mission of Savvy Closet Inc. is to connect like-minded people and fashion. Through an unique design of message and outfit idea exchange space on HangRr app, Savvy Closet aims to build a direct communication channel for users and their favorite brands. The community-based connection and network allow local fashion retailers to engage with their loyal customers easily. 



March 11th, 2017

March 11th, 2017


It all started when...

we want to help each other.

By the mission, we kicked off our journey by co-hosting events with local fashion retailers. Our first stop was at Vera Bradley in SoHo, New York. 

To continue the journey, we are seeking partnership with local fashion retailers by co-hosting events monthly. Not only customers can try something new and invite their friends to chat on HangRr app but also to build the direct connection with their favorite brands. 

We are looking forward to hearing you. 

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Location: 311 West 43rd St. New York, NY 10036