Features Overview

HangRr app is your personal outfit assistant 24/7. By collecting your personal outfit moments at home and/or in fitting rooms, HangRr app helps you with organizing your styles by "outfit moods" in the profile page. The invite-only message space design gives you full control of your photos and conversations without privacy concerns because we know how intimate it is in personal styling.  


Looking good... ?

My Closet/Shopping Moments

We know we need help with outfit looks sometimes. Occasions like job interviews, first date, new purchases, we seek second opinion from our fashion pals. We believe these moments should be remembered and collected in a smart way. Not only because those moments are part of our life but also part of beauties in our closets. 


Exchange outfit ideas with fashion pals. 

Let's Talk Fashion

Whether you just want to chat about trendy looks or you love to give recommendations, there are exclusive spaces where you can enlighten your fashion pals. We believe the messages we exchange every day should be organized and categorized like outfit photos saved in My Closet/Shopping Moments. 

Getting ideas from Profile page. 

Getting ideas from Profile page. 

Outfit Style Summary

Do you remember what outfit makes you look awesome or makes your day delightful? We know how outfit looks and our moods are co-related closely. So we design a simple way to keep our looks on track, My Outfit Mood. Every time when you upload your outfit photos/selfies to My Looks or Potential Buys, you can simply add a feeling of the outfit, so you can recall what makes you awesome, fresh, or sexy on your profile page next time.