Frustrated with outfit decisions? Don't be. Let's hang!

By connecting to like-minded people in fashion, we all can be awesome.

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Fashion is not one-size fits all. None of our characters can be simply outlined by few boxes of clothes. The best way to live up to our fashion potential is to connect to like-minded people. They are true friends who know us the best. 


How does it work? 

Like-minded connection and inspiration

Outfit dilemma? Simply take a full-body selfie, "hang it", and receive few outfit tips from friends or/and fashion enthusiasts. 

HangRr House

My closet, my style, my life

It is very personal and intimate. It is between us. None of our personal life (information/data) should be monetized.  

Mission Statement

Community intelligence

What is happening in town? By your uploaded daily outfit collections, the sorted style recommendations will be delivered to you on HangRr app timely. 

Savvy Closet API


HangRr app product vision

If you are like us, you believe

  • fashion is not one-size fits all
  • outfit styling tips are very personal 
  • crowdsourced intelligence is to benefit us

then join us on HangRr app (beta).